Saguaro Holdings

Our mission is to achieve strong corporate growth in revenue and profits, as well as in the enhancement of the Company’s Asset Base and Shareholder Value.
  • Acquisitions Adhering to the Principles
  • Prudent Financial Management
  • Sound Investment Options

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Our Goal

Our goal is to selectively invest in private companies with undervalued assets.
  • Augment management teams with our expertise
  • Access to capital markets to eliminate expansion barriers
  • And to accelerate growth

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Invest, Merge & Acquire

Our experienced team can guide you through an investment process of prudent

Senior Leadership

Our principals of Saguaro Holdings will layout each step and execute on the

Investing Confidence

Saguaro Holdings’ management team has a proven record of success with many

Business Strategy

We are a Public Holding Company which is positioned for mergers or acquisit


Saguaro Holdings Corp. (OTC: SGUJ) is a publicly traded international holding company focused on creating value for its shareholders


Creating value for shareholders by acquiring small to medium sized business


Rapid corporate growth through its ability to identify and acquire interest


Our knowledge, experience to achieve higher more-efficient return on invest

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