We are a Public Holding Company which is positioned for mergers or acquisitions of existing cash flowing businesses with demonstrated technologies . Saguaro Holdings management team will provide a variety of skill sets that will provide access to capital markets, leadership and business development skills to each proposed acquisition. We are committed to diversifying our portfolio of companies with synergistic business opportunities that will allow us to grow exponentially.
SGUJ next acquisition is Saguaro Media Group and their subsidiary Maxxit .com an ecommerce and daily coupon site. They will increase shareholder value and create market awareness with the following:

Acquire daily deal sites in Canada and U.S. to develop national brand with $100m sales within 2 years.

Exposure to 51 CMA’s with population over 1,000,000.

Grow revenue organically by 250-400%.

Increase EBITDA from 10% to 15%+.